Garnier Belle Color 1 Black Permanent Hair Dye


At Garnier, we believe in providing our consumers with excellent home hair dye. Garnier Belle Color radiant permanent brown hair dye allows you to dye your hair in the comfort of your home, giving you natural-looking rich brown hair colour results with up to 100 Percent grey coverage. Belle Color Permanent hair dye protects nourishes and adds shine to your hair whilst it colours as the colour cr?me and nourishing conditioner are enriched with wheat germ oil. How to find the perfect brown shade for you: Have you ever wondered what the hair colour numbers mean? The first number of a Hair Colour is how Light or Dark the Brown hair dye will be, for example brown shades range from 3, Intense Dark Brown to 6, Light Brown. The second number is the reflect which can be Natural (.0), Warm (.3, .4, .5, .6) or Cool (.1, .2). For example, 4.0 is a Natural Dark Brown, 4.3 is a Dark Golden Brown. Always check the back of pack to see if it is the right shade for you.

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