Filorga Time Filler Eyes Extensive Correcting Anti-Ageing Eye Care 15ml


The Filorga Time Filler Eyes by Filorga is a wonderful correcting anti-ageing eye care product. It was inspiringly manufactured based on the latest medical cosmetic technology. The eyelash volume is promoted by an active agent complex and the eye lids are additionally firmed by an anti-lifting effect. The skin is filled out with an active agent similar to Botox and, in combination with highly effective peptides, expression lines are also smoothed. Dark rings under the eyes are lightened by filling spheres as well as other plant-based substances, such as e.g. sea fennel. In the event of regular application, lines and wrinkles will gradually become smoother, the eyelids firmer and the entire area around the eyes more youthful. Dark shadows under the eyes disappear more and more. Complement this special eye care with the Filorga Time Filler Day Care.

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