Reparex Against Gray Beard for Beard & Moustache

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Reparex Against Gray Beard for Beard & Moustache


REPAREX is a special cosmetic preparation that will restore original color of your gray beard and moustach. REPAREX will remove Oxygen from oxidized colorless melanin causing hair graying through the enzyme α-reductase that binds with silver acetate and result in restoration of melanin original natural color. Enzyme α - reductase binds acquired Oxygen with silver acetate that will be washed out or combed out in small amounts. Thus, dyes work from outside contrary to REPAREX working from inside. As for this reason the hair is equally colored along the whole length and the color is identical to the former one. Reparex contains no foul odor or harmful components. Beard and moustache hair is thicker and harder to penetrate, what is reflected in the adjusted composition.


Water, Propylene glycol, Glycerin, Silver acetate, Biotin, Vitamin B5, Ricinus oil, Extract of rose marine, Sea salt, Perfume, α-reductase enzyme, Golden Yacca extract, Copper acetate

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