Eye Care

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Eye Brightening Cream 15ml
Aveeno Positively Radiant Eye Brightening Cream 15ml is ideal for individuals who often find them..
Bausch&Lomb PreserVison Eye Vitamin Original For AMD 60 Soft Gels
A high-potency antioxidant supplement which helps preserve eye health, containing vitamins A, C, ..
Baush&Lomb Ocuvite Eye Supplement Complete 60 Capsules
A healthy diet--high in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids--has long been recognised as e..
Baush&Lomb Preser Vision Lutein 60 Soft Gels
Bausch and Lomb PreserVisionandreg; Lutein patented formula is based on the clinically proven Bau..
Baush&Lomb Preser Vision Multivitamin & Mineral 120 Tablets.
Bausch&Lomb Preser Vision Eye Supplement 120 Tablets As you age, a good diet providing nutrie..
Blephaclean 20 Sterile Pads
Description: Blephaclean wipes can be used for the daily hygiene of eyelids and sensitiv..
Blephagel® Preservative Free - 30g
BLEPHAGEL is a hypoallergenic for daily hygiene of eyelids and eyelashes sterile gel. The lid h..
Brochlor eye drops 0.5 pct 10ml
Brochlor eye drops are used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis of the eye. Brochlor eye drops cont..
Chloramphenicol drops 10ml
Chloramphenicol is a type of medicine called an antibiotic. Antibiotics are used to treat infecti..
Golden Eye Antibiotic 1% w/w Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment - 4g
Description: Chloramphenicol belongs to a group of medicines called antibiotics, which are us..
Golden eye chloramphenicol eye ointment 4g
Chloramphenicol is administered into the eye to treat a type of eye infection called bacterial co..
ICaps Lutein and Zeaxanthin Formula Tablets Pack of 30
ICaps Lutein and Zeaxanthin formula is specially designed for those who are concerned with t..
Lacri-Lube Preservative Free Eye Ointment - 5g
Lacri-lube eye ointment contains white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin (also known as mineral oil)..
MacusShield Once A Day Meso-Zeaxanthin Supplement 30 Capsules
The macula is the part of the eye which is responsible for central and detailed, colour vision. S..
Ocuvite capsules x 60
Bausch&Lomb Ocuvite Eye Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplement 60 soft gels. A healthy diet--hig..